Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mireya's Miracle

I am a member of Faith and Family Church and very active in the youth ministry. A couple of months ago we learned that one of "our" children had been diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia.
Mireya is four years old and her smile will absolutely melt your heart! I follow her mother's blog Three & 1 to keep up with her health updates. I have been praying and fasting for her complete healing and divine health. However I desired to do more. Then I found out that another member in our church had set up a donation page through GoFundMe.com. Through this page I've had the opportunity to give and I look foward to giving more. I encourage you to go and read her donation page, Mireya's Miracle, and if you are able to, make a small donation. Every little bit helps. Thank you and God Bless!

Team Bolton's story was featured on NBC12 News Acts of Kindness .


  1. I am sure the family really appreciates your dedication to spreading the word about Mireya! Thanks for sharing your love and calling on this with us... it's a great testament to the wonderful person that you are!


  2. I saw this on the news the other night (I'm in the West End ;-) ). What a wonderful blessing you have in your youth group! I am so happy that 12 was able to tell her story to so many people!!


  3. Thanks Debbie! I think I cried through the entire segment, Channel 12 did a good job with that one!