Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year: 2013

Quote from last year's blog post: "I've learned in church that we should have "SMART" goals....Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Looking back at my goals from last year, I see I didn't accomplish not one... but I enter into this year with a renewed strength and passion that 2012 may be the year I accomplish the goal I set for myself as a young child... to become a wife!"

Wow... looks like I accomplished my goal!

Well God has blessed me to see another year and I do not take that lightly... we all know of someone who didn't live to see 2013 and I'm reminded daily to live a "purpose driven life."

Tomorrow starts my churches annual 21 Day Daniel Fast. Basically you give up meats, sweets and treats. I'm looking forward to having a more intimate relationship with God and putting my full trust in him and his plan for my life. If you would like more infomation about the fast click here, there's even a fast workbook you can download.
I've thought long and hard about my resolutions for a new year...
1. Financial- Now that I'm married and Javaid and I have merged two lifestyles into one, I can make sure that we both are tithing faithfully, tracking our spending, and saving for our future.

2. Spiritual- Spend at least an hour a day with God-whether I'm praying or reading my bible or just listening for God to speak to me.

3. Physical- I sit here at 205lbs. Wow... I never thought I'd see 200 pounds but here it is. After the 21 day fast I'm looking to go back on Weight Watchers. Three years ago I lost 30 pounds, but then I lost my father and I soon learned that I was an emotional eater and at my feelings. My doctor told me to start with 10%... so if I can start off with 20 pounds and go from there, that'd be great.

4. Mental- read more!

5. Social- maintain the relationships with friends and family now that I'm married.

1. Survive! (this was my resolution last year, I think I'll keep it!)

2. Try by best not to get stressed out.

3. Do the best I can do... I didn't birth these children and I can't take them home, but I can do the best that I know how!

4. Encourage my coworkers... whether it's a card, treat or small token of appreciation, I want to show them that they are appreciated.

5. Listen to my body! Many days I find myself at school when I'm sick and sometimes just plain worn out. I will take days off when I am not at my best and I will not feel guilty about it!

What are your resolutions?

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  1. I hear ya on the Weight Watchers! I lost 60 lbs. in 2011 and have gained back 23. I just started back on WW this weekend... one step at a time!