Monday, September 2, 2013


So I've been spending the last weekend of summer vacation relaxing around the house! I did venture out for some shopping and meals but that's it! I did not go into school this weekend like most of my coworkers...I just couldn't do it, I felt if I did I'd later regret the fact that I didn't rest when I had the chance. So I will finish some things up when I get there tomorrow. Teachers don't have to report until 8:45am but I'm usually there by 7:30am... I like to work when no one is there and it's quiet.

Open House was Friday and I met 20 of my 26 third graders. They seem like a fun bunch and their parents seem really supportive.

Usually I finish my lesson plans a week at a time but looking back at past plans, I include all these activities and then don't get to them, so maybe if I take it day by day this week I'll get all the activities I really want to do finished this week.

As far as what I would LOVE to accomplish this month...
1- During the first month of school I usually work a lot of late nights, well this is my first back to school as a married woman so I have to find a balance and come home on time!

2- Date nights were easy this summer but like I said earlier, I can get crazy busy with school stuff so I need to remember to have date nights with my husband at least 3-4 times a month.

3- Love on purpose, it's a phase we use at church. The bible commands us to love one another and I need to remember that always!


  1. 26 smiling faces??!!! I am dying with 22.
    Date nights sounds like the thing to do after a long week :) Have a great year!
    My Second Sense

  2. I just love your blog and am going back to old posts!!! May I list you on my blog? I am I am third grade too!