Sunday, September 22, 2013

VA Geography Lapbook Materials

In July I posted about a Geography Lapbook. I've finally condensed the files into one document.

Below are pictures of the example. I'm gearing up to do lapbooks for the first time with my 3rd graders. I've already put the file folders together. The example shows 3 folders inside each other tied with a ribbon. For students I did 2 file folders stapled and cut out the following sections: classroom map, Virginia map skills, Egypt and China Geography. Changed my mind about those.

All the files below are located in my Google Docs except the Native American Map, I purchased that for $.99 on Teachers Clubhouse.

Below are pictures from the original post.

Cover of 3rd Grade Atlas Lapbook (yes I see the mistake!)
Left: Classroom Map - Right: Comparing and Contrasting Maps and Globes
Left: Virginia Map Skills - Right: United States Geography
Left: Native American Regions - Right: World Geography
Egypt and China
Left: Hemispheres - Vocabulary (you lift the flap to see definition)


  1. Awesome project! I am tucking it away for next year as I have already taught this lesson. Thank you!

  2. This is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing such a creative resource :)
    The Techie Teacher