Saturday, March 1, 2014

Currently March
I cannot believe it's March already! I just realized that Daylight savings time starts in a week... not at all happy about that! My currently this month is self explanatory. Do you know the secret question? Leave a comment below... the answer is 69 days!
This week was exciting...our current principal is retiring and we met our new principal on Tuesday. She was a breath of fresh air and I can't wait get to know her better. Friday was Seuss Day and I had several guest readers and my student teacher made the students a Seuss hat treat with oreo's, gummy savers and frosting. Last night my hubby took me to Texas Roadhouse and then we had Movie Night in. I feel asleep though, so I don't know how the movie ended... or really how it even developed... I was out in 10 minutes!
My student teacher taught her last lessons with me this week. Next week she'll be observing and then she'll be off to Kindergarten for 8 weeks. I will miss her terribly, we became fast friends and she's been a great help in the classroom. This is us on picture day, we're two peas in a pod!


  1. I'm thinking its 69 days until Spring Break??

    I know what you mean about zonking out when watching a movie - been there! :)

    I'm glad your student teacher worked out so well.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
    Learning in the Little Apple

    1. Close, 69 school days until summer vacation!