Sunday, March 9, 2014

Famous American Lapbook

Just got finished working on a Famous American Lapbook for my students to create. I intend to use a manila file folder. The students will glue on the cover. On the inside students will glue the flaps of the 7 famous Americans. Four on the left inside and three on the right inside. Students will glue the description of each American underneath the correct flap. On the very back of the folder students will glue down the vocabulary template. We will add definitions under the flaps as we learn the words.


  1. Thanks for these! I just found your blog, I too am an Virginia Blogger from Richmond City and it is my first year teaching third! So glad I found you!

    Tales from a Naturalista Teacha

    1. Hi Karmen, glad you found my blog! Love meeting VA 3rd grade bloggers, our curriculum is so unique, it's hard to find resources to meet our needs. I'll be stopping by your blog soon.

  2. Thank you so much for this fun SS activity! I too am a Virginia 3rd grade teacher. I'm excited to have my students create this fun activity! :)