Monday, March 3, 2014

Must Read Monday: Snow Day #9

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Well here in central VA we've had our share of frozen precipitation! Today is snow day #9. We had four days back in January, four days in February and now we're at day one in March. And between you and I... we'll probably be out of school tomorrow too!
Had I been at school today I would have started my Women's History Month biography project. I assign a biography based on reading levels and students read and take notes about the important details of that woman's life. Then they complete a rough draft and a final draft. I got the Women's History Template from Heidi @ Unique Teaching Resources. Sadly I don't see it on her website, I think it was a freebie through Facebook a couple of years ago.
Since I teach 3rd grade the "Who Was" Biographies are great for this grade level. Scholastic now has the "I Am" Biographies as well and they seem to be geared for 3rd-4th. So whenever my students return to school, they'll be reading their biographies! 


  1. Thanks for letting me know about the "I Am..." Scholastic series. I hope they show up at the book fair so I can take a look at them. Are they comparable to the "Who was/is..." series in?

    Technically A School Media Specialist

    1. I think they're comparable. I was able to buy several titles at our book fair this school year.