Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently June

Listening- when I was in school I was never interested in history but now that I'm older I have this thirst for knowledge. I often find myself watching the History Channel.
Loving- have you ever tried the Aromatherapy from BBW? I recently got into it. I started off using the Stress Relief Shower gel daily. I graduated to the lotion before bed and the pillow mist. It's very calming. I even spray it on the stuffed animal I cuddle with when I sleep.
Thinking- ordered my Happy Last Day of School Shirt last night! Having 28 3rd graders all reading from first grade to fourth grade levels, being the team lead, training at a local university, having a student teacher, mentoring a new teacher, teaching before school remediation and doing after school tutoring all while living with a chronic pain condition sent me over the edge. I can't believe I made it, this has been the most challenging year in my entire teaching career. Literally the worst, but I made it through and I'm looking forward to a relaxing summer with family and friends.
Wanting- a student I tutored this year gave me a gift certificate to a nail place and I will getting a pedicure after school tomorrow. I never let me feet get this bad!
Needing- not sure how much World Wars I'll be tonight, I feel the meds kicking in.
Bucket List- first of all I'm excited that my mom moved back to VA from NC earlier this month. She'll be living with my sister and her family indefinitely. I'm so happy she's only 45 minutes away now. My punkin (my nephew), nieces and sister in law and brother in law are moving back to VA from PA this month. Can't wait to be more involved in their lives. Of course I'll be making my 8th annual trip to Lakeshore Learning before I have my surgery in August. I also want to go to Ikea and get some organizational items for my classroom. But like I said, I've got to do all of that before August 4th comes, because after that, who knows what kinda shape I'll be in and for how long!

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