Monday, June 23, 2014

Leadership Notebook

Covers for the students Leadership Notebooks
So I'm knee in this Whole Brain Teaching book which I'm lovin' so far! If you've been following me you know that I'll be incorporating Whole Brain Teaching practices as well as Leader in Me strategies in my classroom.

I want students to keep Leadership Notebooks this year as I implement these new strategies. I'm thinking a 1/2 inch binder with a clear sleeve will be just fine. I have a class set of binders left over but I'm thinking after three years I need to invest in some new ones. Sam's Club has them for a great price. $10 for 8 binders.

Below are some examples I'll have them keep in their binders.

I made these sheets for each month. Students will color in the square of the color they ended the day on.
Students will fill out the top section each Monday morning and fill out the bottom section every Friday afternoon. They will record their goals and action steps for each section. Then they're reflect on if their goals have been met, what leadership habit they practiced this week and any acts of kindness they performed or received.
I've been at my current school for 3 years now and never really implemented the AR Program. Mainly because my classroom computers didn't have the software. Our PTA has purchased the new online version so students will have access on all school computers and most of my classroom library books will not have assessments to go with them.
I figured students could track their weekly word study/spelling test scores fairly easy so I created this graph for them.
I also thought it would be fairly easy for students to track their reading level throughout the year.
I posted these just to give ideas of how I want students to set and reflect on goals in my classroom. Do your students track data in the classroom? What do you use?


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    1. No I don't, but I do share freely, if you email me at and tell me what you're looking for I may can help.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Would you be willing to please send me your Leadership cover sheet?

    Thank you!

  3. Would you share your Leadership Notebook cover? This is our first year as a Leader in Me School and I'm just going to try to start implementing the notebooks and teach my kiddos how to use them! Thanks!

  4. We are starting to use leader in me. Can you please email me your material at Thanks!

  5. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Would you mind sending me the leadership cover too? :)

  6. This is our first year implementing Leader in Me and I would love your leadership notebook cover! Can you please email me the material at

  7. I would love to use the leader in me cover page. If you don't mind, could you please e-mail it to me at

  8. I love your leadership notebook cover and would love to have a copy if you are willing to share! :-) My email address is Thanks so much!

  9. Good morning! We are just getting our Leadership Notebooks up and running and I love the sheets you have posted. I would really like to share these with our team to help get our ideas growing. It is always great to have examples to look at and then modify if necessary given grade and programs. Would you be willing to share any and all sheets with me at Thank you for posting these!

  10. Hi Jessica,
    My school is developing the Leadership Data Notebooks. I was wondering if you could share your cover page and the weekly goal sheet (and anything else or all of it!) Thanks so much! Abbe

  11. Hi Jessica! Can you share your resources with me :)

  12. Hi, I really love your resources. Do you mind sharing them with me? Thanks!

  13. Will you please share with me?
    Love these resources!

  14. Could you please share with me? Thanks!!!

  15. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing these resources with me? I would love to use them in my leadership binder this year!

  16. I too would also like a copy of your leadership notebook cover as well. This my schools first year of implementation of the Leader in Me curriculum.