Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to School Goals

I'm linking up with I {heart} Recess on my
2014/2015 Back to School Goals.
I find myself eating out a lot during the school week. I'll take food out to thaw, but then stay late at school so by the time I leave I'm starving and end up stopping at Wendy's or Chickfila or something. I want to wake up early enough to fix be a hot breakfast and leave school early enough to get home and cook dinner.
If you see my classroom set up now (I will be posting pics within the next two weeks) there is absolutely no room for a teacher desk! We don't have traditional desks so that contributes to the massive amount of space I need in my classroom for them. Unfortunately our class sizes aren't getting any smaller, they are putting 9 sections of 2nd graders into 6 sections of 3rd grade and we are busting at the seams. I always have my reading group table to sit at if needed, I just won't have my own desk space.
I posted about my long range lesson plans weeks ago. It's just an outline to keep me on track during the school year. For the last three years my team has been a revolving door. Only half of us remain from when I joined the team back in 2011. Now that we'll have the same team as last year and our newbies have got a year under their belt, I'm hoping to collaboratively plan with them this year. I know for a fact me and one teammate share two sets of twin siblings so it will be helpful for parents if we're on the same page.
I think I'm good with the Leader in Me program. I'm still reading Whole Brain Teaching and even if I don't implement the entire program the way it's written, I at least want to do parts of it.
When you hear 21st Century Learning Skills most people think of digital citizenship and technology but I think of leadership. Every child is a leader, whether positive or negative, I want to cultivate positive leadership within my students.
In the words of Ms. Sweet Brown... "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!". I find myself saying this quite often during the school year, especially when the powers that be consistently place more and more demands on my time, none of which are or even have to do with the actual teaching of my students! 


  1. I see a lot of people are getting rid of their teacher desk, but I can't seem to take the plunge...nor will my school store it for me! Want to talk about busting at the seams!! We have junk! I'm heading over to check out this linky. :)

    Owls and Lessons, Etc.

  2. Hi Jessica - Seeing that you are going to try implementing parts of Whole Brain Teaching. I was dabbling in it last year. I liked parts of it and wasn't as keen on others. Would love to hear about how it goes with you. Please post as you work it out! Totally can relate to your personal goal...we should share easy but delicious teacher meal ideas!