Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently July

Listening- welp my husband's home which means he's watching FIFA on television.
Loving- most of you know that I'll be having surgery on August 4th to remove the uterine fibroids. The custodians were kind enough to clean my room first and put my furniture back where I wanted it. I've spent a few afternoons this week unpacking boxes and getting my room set up. It needs to be finished by the end of summer school just in case I'm not released to come back teacher work week, everything will be set for a sub.
Thinking- after working in my classroom I took a trip to Pearl's to get some cupcakes for my friends birthday tomorrow and got one for myself too... I've earned it.
Wanting- I was in pain when I woke up Saturday. While laying in the bed on Sunday my heating pad decided to quit on me, so I drug myself to Target to buy a new one... but seriously, that's the only time I left the bed this weekend. I'm having a pain free moment right now so I'm going to capitalize on it and get some work done on the computer.
Needing- I have a strict July schedule to finish all the things I want to create. This week... finish these last three units of these Treasures Interactive Notebook templates I've been working on.
4th of July- My husband's family is having a reunion in Raleigh this weekend. I'm more excited that we're near a Container Store. I don't have one where I live and there are some organizers I need for my classroom now that I got rid of my teacher desk at school.

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