Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Library Book Bins

Last year I wanted to redo my classroom library but didn't want to spend the money on new baskets. So I put it off. So this year I did my shopping around and realized I still didn't want to spend the money. Then came Dollar Tree.com. You can buy just about anything from there by the case. I scoped out their "plastic bins" and settled on the bright rectangular plastic bins with handles. Now they aren't as sturdy as the bins from Really Good Stuff, but if students are using both hands to carry them then they should be okay. I spent $39 on 36 bins with free shipping to the store for pick up. My order took about a week to come in.  

I'm currently in the process of labeling my entire classroom library for Accelerated Reader and sorting them by AR Level as opposed to Genre/Author/Theme. The bins fit chapter books and picture books if turned the other way. Looking forward to sharing pictures of my revised library when it's finished, which will hopefully be by the end of next week!


  1. They look great! Who knew you could do online shopping and in-store pickup at Dollar Tree?!?

    Fourth Grade Lemonade