Saturday, October 4, 2014

Currently October


Listening- I watch the Cosby Show everyday... so it seems that I'm always listening to it!

Loving- I am loving my class! I have the sweetest bunch of 3rd graders and their parents are always sending me gifts of appreciation. I've had some rough groups and there have been times when I questioned if I could even continue on in this profession, so I'm thankful for those years when I have a "break", where they don't put ALL the low achieving students and behavior problems together in my classroom! I'm also loving the fact that I am officially pain free! For as long as I've been blogging, I've been dealing with chronic pain conditions... ovarian teratoma, uterine fibroids but now that both have been removed, I feel amazing. My parents from last year see me and the notice a huge difference, they tell me I look great, that I seem happier and that I'm even glowing. I didn't realize how bad I had felt until I didn't feel that way anymore.

Thinking- I love my class and parents so much that I'd consider looping to 4th. If it didn't require moving rooms... I'd loop in a heartbeat and I've never taught higher than 3rd before.

Wanting- I want to get all my Christmas Shopping done early this year.

Needing- To get dressed for the State Fair, I took a half personal day on Thursday and went with my friend. Today my husband and I are going. Already ate the sirloin tips and shrimp sandwich. Today I eat the lobster roll and funnel cake.

Trick- I saw this years ago at a school I worked in and I've started it a couple times in schools I've worked in. Thought I'd share.
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