Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Questionnaire
1. When do you decorate?
Well you won't believe my answer... I don't! We've only been married for two years and we are never here for Christmas and we don't have children yet so we haven't felt the need to decorate the house.

2. Elf or no elf?
Again I don't have children so no elf at home. No elf at school either, my students are very well behaved so they don't need any motivation other than what I already do.

3. Christmas cookies or no baking for you?
Oh I bake... Sweet Potato Pies, that is! I order my Christmas Cookies from ACOOKIEJAR on Etsy. Here's what I purchased this year:
Ordered these for my Secret Santa... she loves owls!

Ordered these for my friends.

Got the snowmen from this set for my room moms.

These reindeer were too stinkin' cute not to order! I'll give these to friends as well.
4. Favorite holiday tradition?
I must say I just like spending time with my family on Christmas. I go to my sisters where my mom lives also and she cooks and we have a good time together.

5. Favorite Christmas movie?
ELF! I dvr'd it this season so now I can watch it whenever I want.

6. Snow or no snow?
I like my snow in January, February and March. So I can get Snow Days off from school!

7. Favorite Christmas Song?
There are so many... Do You Hear What I Hear? Someday at Christmas, I do love Kirk Franklin's There's No Christmas Without You, got it on repeat in the car.

8. Favorite gifts to give and get?
That's a hard one. This year I gave most of my friends monogrammed bags from Thirty One. Some family members got living lockets from Origami Owl. You can never go wrong with Bath and Body Works. I attended the Winter Bazaar Bizarre and purchased some Dip Mixes for some people and Frappe Vino (Wine Slushie Mix). Got my husband all his favorites. I love getting gifts period. My secret santa got me a gift card to Target and Chipotle and Haribo Gummies, my friend got me a Target Gift Card, my other friend got me a gift certificate to Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe and Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer! Not sure what else I'm getting;)

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  1. I love that you buy your Christmas cookies. Much less mess. ;) Thanks for linking up!