Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January Currently

*I seem to be always listening to the television but for once it's not the Cosby Show... I'm pretty sure that all the networks have pulled it out of syndication.
*So my Thirty-One Enrollment Kit has arrived it has over $400 in new merchandise and business materials. You should definitely hop over to Thirty-One Gifts and check out the new catalog.
*I went to school today to put my classroom back together... they re-waxed our floors so my student desks were everywhere! It was also very, very dusty and I think that might be affecting me.
*Wanting everything in the new catalog!
Going to order 2 of these in the Chevron for my Guided Reading Table.
Going to order 3 of these in the Pink Cross Pop and have Mrs. Saunders, Intervention and Fluency embroidered on them and hang them behind my Guided Reading table. The coolest part is that they snap together!
Not sure how many or what colors yet but I'm getting these for my desk area in my classroom. They also snap together!
*I always try to start the year in church. Usually we go to our home church (which has over 1,000 members) but last year we visited a much smaller church for NYE and had a wonderful time. We've decided to fellowship with another smaller church this evening.
*Yes- I've maintained my weight loss which is amazing considering all the junk food I've been eating. Starting tomorrow I'll be back low-carb!
*Maybe- Starting a business is difficult... been there, done that, got the t-shirt! So we'll see what Thirty-One has for me.
*I Wish- this is more my prayer... I pray for my mother's divine healing. January 25th will make 5 years to the day that I lost my father and I cannot imagine losing my mother so I pray that Lord restores her health. 

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