Friday, February 13, 2015

Dr. Seuss iPad Project

Seuss App Manual
I blogged about this project a couple years ago Dr. Seuss Project. At the time I was using an iPad template I'd found on the net and I had created an App Manual but wasn't allowed to share it due to copyright restrictions. Last time I did the project the students summarized the book on the manual pages, this year I think I'll just have them write about their favorite part/character.
iPad project from 2013
iPad project from 2013
Well now I've created my own templates and it's all ready to be shared! I don't have pictures of the finished project just yet but hopefully you can use your imagination to see how it'll work. I intend to mount the completed iPad on construction paper and tape it to the walls in the hallway. I'll hang the App Manuals underneath them on the cork strip.
iPad Template
Hop on over to The Teaching Oasis to download your copies today. The iPad template could be used for a variety of projects (story elements, science or social studies symbols, math symbols).

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