Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break and April Resources

Spring Break for me started on Good Friday. My husbands family and I traveled to Pennsylvania (Lancaster, Intercourse, Amish Country) to see Moses at the Sight and Sound Theater. We stayed at Cambridge Meadows, a beautiful house in Amish Country. There were no televisions so we had great conversations and many games of Life.
My to do list is pretty extensive. Taking naps and eating cupcakes are my top priority...both of which I did today. I have an interview first thing Monday morning at one of the best elementary schools in the county. I was absolutely shocked when they emailed me. Every year I put in for a transfer and every year I hear from no one. In my county transfers have to be done by May and let's face it, most schools won't know their openings until summer and by then principals have to take new hires and no transfers are granted.
I've managed to get the April Resources on The Teaching Oasis updated.
April Task Cards
April Word Wall Cards
April Poems
Unfortunately the literature units are going to have to wait. I never found time to go back and update them. I'll add them to my list for the summer. I uploaded a photo of one that I've redone. I would love feedback.

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  1. Awesome resouces! You are inspiring. Continue to enjoy your break.