Saturday, June 13, 2015

Favorite Things to Do in Summer

Yesterday as the last day of school and I'm looking forward to summer vacation. This was one of my best years yet so it was hard to say goodbye. There were a couple of tears shed but there was mostly smiles and laughter as we wrapped up our time together.
My day started with my husband taking me to Bob Evans for a End of the School Year Breakfast.
Mr. Saunders and I
This is me and my colleague/friend/sister from another mister. She was a first year teacher and she is amazing! Can't wait bring our A game next year, as we'll be planning together.
Kaitlyn and I
The night ended at the John Marshall Hotel as we celebrated our niece's Sweet 16 Party. It was an "all white" affair and I had a blast dancing the night away... and I don't dance so that was huge!
Mr. Saunders and I dressed in All-White
Our niece Bryana was absolutely beautiful!
#1- My most favorite thing about summer vacation is the time I get to spend with family and friends. During the school year that time is limited to the weekends and maybe a couple of weeknights if I'm lucky but during the summer the sky is the limit! This particular summer I'll be planning one of best friends baby shower for September. Can't wait the arrival of Peanut!
#2- I have a list of resources I want to create for The Teaching Oasis and for my 3rd Grade classroom. I'm much more creative when I have time when I have time to process all the ideas that come to mind.
#3- I usually do some long range planning during the summer but I want to couple that with some actual lesson plans. I'm looking into using this upcoming school year, I've heard great things about it.


  1. You should definitely give a try. I hesitantly tried it this year, and I loved it! Enjoy your time with family and friends. Happy creating:)

    Fit to be Fourth

  2. I love anytime that I can get with family!! It's my the best there is in life. I'm also ready to create new projects at any time, but ideas seem to flow better in summer!!