Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Long Range Plans 2015-2016

It is finally finished! I had to wait to see what cluster I would be assigned next school year before I could finish my plans. In my 11 years of teaching experience I've taught the "regular" cluster, "learning disabled" cluster and "ESOL" cluster. Next year I'll have students in my classroom who have been labeled gifted. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. After next year I'll consider myself a "well rounded educator". But until that point I'll be researching and taking some professional development about strategies to teach gifted students.
Here is a link to my long range plans. Next school year I'm going to need some more challenging activities for my students so I've changed the way I do Word Study and added PBL Units (those are not noted in the plans). I also hope to incorporate Genius Hour. I'm still researching that topic, hope to blog about it later on this summer.
Morphology Spelling from Ladybug Teacher Files
PBL Units from Digital Divide and Conquer
Book Reports from Unique Teaching Resources
If you'd like the template you can download it from Ginger Snaps, I've used it for years now and I love it!

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