Friday, November 27, 2015

Smile File... Holiday Edition

Smile File (Holiday Edition) Cover
Back in May I blogged about an idea I had seen on Pinterest, Smile File. I decided that I want to do something like this for Christmas this year. Last year I did the Random Acts of Christmas Kindness in my class. This year I want my students to focus on each other, pointing out the positive traits in their classmates, it also gives them a chance to see themselves as others see them.
So I had the idea to do a holiday related Smile File. I envision myself copying the covers on colored paper (red/green) and gluing them on a 5x8 manila envelope. During writing for a couple of days, with Christmas music playing, students can write a compliment or nice message to each classmate. I used Blair Turner's Class Compliments for the Holiday Season to aide my students in writing positive messages.
I'll collect them all and put them in the envelopes, I'll send them home with students before break. Click here for a copy for you to use in your own classroom.

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