Sunday, November 22, 2015


It's been a busy start to the school year and I still don't feel grounded. The never ending list of things to do... everyone adding to your plate and no one willing take anything off your plate creates a teacher trying to be everything to everyone except themselves! Now that I got that off my chest... I hope to get back to blogging regularly. I have so many ideas to share but no time to share them #storyofmylife.
Teacher Thankful Notes
Despite being completely overwhelmed and undervalued, I am incredibly thankful for my students and for the fact that I get to do what I love on a daily basis, educate and inspire the next generation. I thought I'd write them each a note telling  why I'm thankful for them... after all they are the only thing that keeps me going when I want to give up.
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Here's to a two day work week and then five days of family, fellowship and many slices of sweet potato pie!


  1. So thankful for YOU and all the wonderful resources you share with us! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing holiday!