Saturday, April 6, 2019

2nd Grade Classroom Resources

My Students Engaged in Quiz Quiz Trade
It's been a busy couple of months! Spring Break was this week and I just finished shopping at the outlets in Williamsburg and eating my weight in crab legs at Captain Georges! I've finally had some time to upload some of the resources I've created since coming back to 2nd grade. You can find all these files in the Teaching Oasis Google Drive in their respective folders. 

Fraction Sundae (I've blogged about this before,

Student creating a plant out of Wikki Stix

Student completing Fact Sheet
Create a Plant Project
Plant and Animal Adaptations Reproducible
Weather Quiz Quiz Trade (Engagement Strategy) 

Social Studies
American Indians Quiz Quiz Trade (Engagement Strategy)
Famous Americans Reproducible

Energy Bus Read Aloud

Energy Bus Booklet
Language Arts
Butterfly Life Cycle Writing Prompt
What if You Had Animal Parts Writing Journal
Energy Bus Booklet
Nonfiction Sorting Cards

Student Learning about the "Platinum Rule"
Talking Chips (Engagement Strategy)
Platinum Rule Reproducible

Monthly Resources
S'more Time 2nd Grade (end of the year)

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