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Friday, July 17, 2015


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my new teammate. My principal asked me if I would mentor her and I'm super excited to mentor a brand new teacher. Two years ago I mentored a teacher who was new to the district but she was coming with 3 years of experience so that didn't involve much. I wanted to do something nice for her but I only had a 3 day turnaround so I had to think of something quick. Then I remembered a basket I put had put together before. This time I included...
Eos Lip Balm
Orbit Gum
Mr. Sketch Markers
Envelope with a Target Gift Card
 Last time I created this for a student teacher I was hosting.
I blogged about it here: 
Our grade level changes every year, the year I came we had 3 new teachers to the grade level, the next year we had 1 new teacher to the grade level, the year after we had 2 new teachers to the grade level, last year we had 1 new teacher to the grade level and this year we have 1 new teacher to the grade level. Our team is a constant revolving door, but only two of my team members have left to go to other grade levels in the building, all the others have transferred out of the school. Maybe one year we'll actually have the same team from one year to the next... at this point I'm the veteran third grade teacher on the team and I've only been there four years!


  1. Your new teammate is so lucky to have your guidance. I hope your year goes smoothly!

  2. This is a great idea! We have a new member on our team and I'd love to do something like this for her.

  3. I love this! I mentor new teachers and this is so much fun! Would you share your cute tags?

    1. Try this link
      You should be able to download the file and edit it.