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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

I Survived the 20/21 School Year!

Thursday, June 17th was the last day of school! I pray I never have to experience what I've had to experience ever again. 

I walked away from this school year with nothing left... I poured it all into my students, colleagues, school community... all of it. One day in May, I was at school and got terribly dizzy and my head started to pound. I went to the nurse and my blood pressure was 168/108 and my heart rate was 135. I was sitting in my doctors office three days later being prescribed anti-anxiety meds. And I must say...after five weeks, I finally feel like myself again and I'm even losing weight because I'm not eating my emotions anymore.

I'm definitely looking forward to the healing and restoration that only summer vacation can provide.  Here's a photo of my #teamBFF and I the last week of school with our matching shirts that say "Together, through it all, we made it!" We haven't been on the same team in three years but she is still my rock and one of the few things I looked forward to this school year, being able to spend time with her everyday at school. 

I desperately needed a break from the environment I've been in for the last ten months, so I'll be teaching summer school at a different location. I was very close to changing my mind but after the pay went from $25 an hour to $40 an hour I figured I could teach four hours a day for fifteen days this summer... then go on a nice shopping spree 😁. 

My days have been filled with redesigning my classroom Google site. I used buttons from this product I found on TpT (Google Sites Web Design) along with elements from my Canvas page this past school year. 
Completing our team long range plans for next school year.

And taking naps. Oh...and I cut my hair off back in April and decided to stop color treating it and embrace my gray. This low maintenance
 hair style has been the change I needed in my life!

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