Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Was Born to Make a Difference

At my school we have faculty meetings every month. Each team leader is responsible for the "inspirational message" at a meeting. I saw this TED Talk this summer and knew it would be perfect for my message so I asked for the month of September. I am thoroughly exhausted, cried all the way to work last Friday, had a panic attack after I got to work last Friday, have watched several colleagues break down in tears and I myself am on the edge of a nervous breakdown! But I am reminded, from Dr. Rita Pierson, that I am an educator and I was born to make a difference!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

VA Geography Lapbook Materials

In July I posted about a Geography Lapbook. I've finally condensed the files into one document.

Below are pictures of the example. I'm gearing up to do lapbooks for the first time with my 3rd graders. I've already put the file folders together. The example shows 3 folders inside each other tied with a ribbon. For students I did 2 file folders stapled and cut out the following sections: classroom map, Virginia map skills, Egypt and China Geography. Changed my mind about those.

All the files below are located in my Google Docs except the Native American Map, I purchased that for $.99 on Teachers Clubhouse.

Below are pictures from the original post.

Cover of 3rd Grade Atlas Lapbook (yes I see the mistake!)
Left: Classroom Map - Right: Comparing and Contrasting Maps and Globes
Left: Virginia Map Skills - Right: United States Geography
Left: Native American Regions - Right: World Geography
Egypt and China
Left: Hemispheres - Vocabulary (you lift the flap to see definition)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Celebrity of the Week

I haven't done "Celebrity of the Week" in a couple of years. I need to start back up because I always had positive feedback from parents about the program. Someone emailed about it since is now retired so I figured I'd blog about it.
Celebrity Poster- The Wednesday before their week, two students will get a poster to complete over the weekend. On Monday morning they will share their poster during morning meeting with the class.
Celebrity Book Pick- On Tuesday our celebrities will share their favorite picture book with the class during morning meeting.
Celebrity Share- On Wednesday our celebrities will bring in 3 special items from home to share during morning meeting. Examples include photographs, favorite books, favorite movie or anything else that is important to them. 
Fan Mail- On Thursday the class will present our celebrities with a homemade book made of letters that they have written to their classmate.
VIP Treatment- On Friday our celebrities will be our line leader and helper for the day. They will also get to sit anywhere they choose during the school day.
I've uploaded the documents onto Google Docs at this link

Monday, September 2, 2013

Favorite Free Items (gathered from Pinterest)

There's a lot of great ideas on Pinterest...some free and some paid. I've found some great things for my classroom for FREE. Here is a couple of my favorites...

Can't wait to use this resource when I teach the Scientific Method.

Great Bucket Filling Packet!

Scientific Method Posters

Daily 5 Posters and Resources, will work with any reading workshop model though.

Great Math Station

Great for morning meeting, printing them out right now so I can laminate them before school tomorrow!

 What free items have you found on Pinterest?


So I've been spending the last weekend of summer vacation relaxing around the house! I did venture out for some shopping and meals but that's it! I did not go into school this weekend like most of my coworkers...I just couldn't do it, I felt if I did I'd later regret the fact that I didn't rest when I had the chance. So I will finish some things up when I get there tomorrow. Teachers don't have to report until 8:45am but I'm usually there by 7:30am... I like to work when no one is there and it's quiet.

Open House was Friday and I met 20 of my 26 third graders. They seem like a fun bunch and their parents seem really supportive.

Usually I finish my lesson plans a week at a time but looking back at past plans, I include all these activities and then don't get to them, so maybe if I take it day by day this week I'll get all the activities I really want to do finished this week.

As far as what I would LOVE to accomplish this month...
1- During the first month of school I usually work a lot of late nights, well this is my first back to school as a married woman so I have to find a balance and come home on time!

2- Date nights were easy this summer but like I said earlier, I can get crazy busy with school stuff so I need to remember to have date nights with my husband at least 3-4 times a month.

3- Love on purpose, it's a phase we use at church. The bible commands us to love one another and I need to remember that always!