Friday, March 22, 2013

Number Sense in 3rd Grade

There has been a huge push for students to increase their "reasoning with numbers" in my school district. We had to administer a Number Sense Assessment in September and we will administer it again in May.

In my building teachers were then required to develop a professional goal around this data. My goal is for my students to increase their scores by 30%.

I then had to list strategies I would take to help my students reach their goals.

1- Read Number Talks by Sherry Parrish

2- Develop monthly Number Sense Quick Checks

The Number Talks book is great! It also came with a DVD of actual classroom number talks, K-5. That's been very helpful.

Then I created my monthly quick checks. I used questions that were similar to our county assessment. Then I googled "number sense assessment" and found some other question stems to include.

Clicking on the samples takes you to my Google Docs Drive for you to download.

So you think you can use these in your classroom?

What number sense routines do you use with your students?

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Friday was Dr. Seuss Day and the students had a blast! Third graders got to wear silly hats and each classroom had guest readers come to read to them.

Someone from central office came and read my students Horton Hears a Who. They were so polite, they listened carefully and when it was over they told her "thank you" and gave her a hug. I have the absolute best class ever! Which is why didn't mind splurging on gifts for all of them.

They each got a Seuss Tote (I purchase them in the summers from Target $ Spot), a bookmark, 4 dollar books from Scholastic and a Seuss cookie from Sugar Nirvana (they were cute and tasted good too!)
I also ordered some Mini Seuss Cookies from A Cookie Jar for some of my coworkers, they loved those too. It's the same place ordered the Owl Valentine Cookies. They were beautiful and delicious as always. Then I made a lil tote on my Cricut to put them in.