Saturday, September 22, 2018

3 Weeks In...

Week 3 was definitely one for the books! We spent 3 hours on Monday sheltered in place, meaning, from 2:40pm-5:30pm my students and I were hunkered down in the hallway in tornado drill position. When it was all said and done I think there was about 10 confirmed tornadoes in Central Virginia that day. Many parents rushed to pick up their children as soon as they were able to. My last child left at 6:45pm and most of the buses started pulling in around 7pm. They had to run their middle school and high school routes before they could even head to the elementary schools. I'm thankful for the safety of our students and all our families. 

I took some updated pictures on Friday of my classroom I wanted to share. 

Math Board
Addition Strategies Anchor Chart
Our Super Improver Board- They're moving on up!
We read The Bad Seed and made a Growth Mindset Craftivity. I'm also happy to say that all of my students still have their original pencil from the first day of school!
Books with a Common Theme Board
Our Bucket Fillers/Dippers Chart
We Learned about Nonfiction Text Features last week
Our Reading Posters
More Anchor Charts
Even More Anchor Charts
We started talking about Growth Mindset this week
Our first Wonders were about Hurricane Florence
We read The Jelly Donut Kindness and discussed ways to be kind to others
Close Up of Craftivity
Inside of Craftivity
Back to School Night was Thursday- waiting for parents was their child's Learning Handbook (study guides for every subject), a copy of my Parent Handbook with all policies and procedures, Movie Permission Slip, Computer Log in Card and a note they could leave for their child

Friday, September 14, 2018

Classroom Tour 18-19

My signature Open House outfit paired with my fuchsia Tieks

I'm so sorry it took two weeks to get this done. I'm exhausted... my mind was ready for a new school year, my body wasn't! I'm able to complete this blog post due to my #hurrication. Hurricane Florence is making landfall, VA ended up being spared the brunt of it however they have canceled school in the area due to possible high winds. 
My #teamBFF and I. Different teams this year but still each other's biggest fans!
My best friend and I. She's rockin' her cool grey Tieks and LLR Tank and Madison Skirt. My advice, get you a friend to challenges you to be a better person. #shemakesmebetter
View from the Door
Super Improver Wall and SMART (Brag) Tags
Front Board
View of Corner
Math Bulletin Board
Guided Reading Table
View of Windows
Decided to Hang my Zazzle Decor underneath my Wreath
7 Habits of Happy Kids Posters
View of Cubbies
View of Cubbies
View of Back Wall
PBIS Posters
View of Corner
View of Carpet area
Books with a Common Theme Board
Pencil Challenge and Student Work Board
View of Library
Rocking Chair
Student Desks ready for Open House
I gave my students Cheryl's Cookies at Open House, if you haven't tried them you need to! From the Oatmeal Raisin, to the Frosted Buttercream to the Lemon Burst, I love them all!
Our Wonder Wall... I mean Door.
Welcome Bunting
I hope to share what we've been doing in class soon. Are you on Twitter? You can check us out at 

Friday, August 31, 2018

Classroom Tour Coming Soon

It's the end of teacher work week and I get to meet my 23 "smart cookies" today, there'll be no 4 for Friday but stay tuned for a blog post of my classroom tour this weekend! 

Friday, August 24, 2018

4 for Friday: Parent Communication

I don't know about you but my summer is officially over! Teachers in my district report back to work on Monday. I've spent my week lounging, lesson planning for the first week of school and designing posters for my classroom.

This week I want to discuss parent communication. I would say that it's one of my strengths, though parents may not have the time to read and explore all that I send home, its there if and when they need it. 

Parent Communication
1. Parent Flipbook- Some teachers give this to parents at Back to School Night but I choose to give it to parents at Open House so that they can have a snapshot of our classroom before school officially begins. 
My parent flipbook includes our Daily Schedule, Classroom Celebrations, Homework Policy, as well as information on our Smart Tags (brag tags), 7 Habits of Happy Kids, Whole Brain Teaching and how parents can contact me. I purchased my flipbook from Learning in Wonderland and added my content. 
2. Parent Handbook- I pass our my Parent Handbook during Back to School Night (which happens 3 weeks into the school year), instead of putting this information in a slide show, I put it in a handbook for parents to refer to when needed and I spend BTS Night, discussing expectations, curriculum and classroom management. 

My Parent Handbook consists of detailed information about the above information. Like I said earlier this is generally information that would be included in your BTS Night presentation but I found that I have more time to discuss the ever so important behavioral and academic expectations as well as the curriculum and what their child is expected to master during the school year. I got this idea from Primarily Speaking

3. Monthly Newsletter- Last school year I switched over to a Monthly Newsletter as opposed to a Weekly Newsletter and it was the BEST decision I have every made! I didn't have to worry about getting the weekly newsletter written, printed and copied every week which freed up quite a bit of time for me. 
Last year I would copy our Monthly Project on the back of each monthly newsletter. Now that I'm going back to 2nd grade, I'm copying "Family Write Night" ideas on the back of each monthly newsletter. 
4. Weekly Email Updates- Although I switched to monthly newsletters, I still wanted to keep my parents informed weekly of what was going on in the classroom. I found that sending a Weekly Update on Sunday evenings was perfect. I could "draft" the email all week if needed, so I wouldn't forget anything. 
 I always included general reminders first, then included important dates and ended with what we were learning that week. Those topics directly correlated to their Learning Handbook so they knew exactly what to study.

I'd love to hear how you communicate with parents, leave a comment here or hop on over to our Facebook page and leave a comment.