Friday, January 13, 2017

Photo Friday 1*13*17

I've been assigning Top Secret Snow Day Missions for 3 years now. The first year I did, we missed school for ten snow days, last year we missed school for six snow days. This year, we've already missed several days this week to snow. Good thing I sent my snow packets home last Friday!
I use to send home all the copies the students would need to complete each mission, but last year I decided to put them on my classroom website for parents to print themselves. There's always one activity that's mandatory and this year it was completing the Ready Freddy Super Secret Valentine Comprehension Packet.
I purchased this from Stories by Storie. I think she use to be a member of the Second Grade Teachers Club I was apart of years ago. I love her book companions, they're perfect for my 3rd graders. 
I also found the book on Scholastic Reading Club for $1 each. I purchased one for each of my students to include with their packet as well. They get to keep the book for their personal collections.

Do you send home any activities for your students to complete during inclement weather days? 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Photo Friday 1*6*17

I first saw this idea on Facebook. Learning in Wonderland had shared the photo below and I fell in love!  
Katie Mense from Little Kinder Warriors created the inserts for these mugs. I found the file in her TpT store for $5. I'm purchasing my mugs from Hobby Lobby (mainly because I have gift cards to this store). They are $.87 a piece. That would make them $10.44 for a dozen. Many people were purchasing theirs from Oriental Trading, but I saw they were $16.99 a dozen. As you can see in the top picture, the one from Hobby Lobby worked just fine. I simply threw the inserts that came with it away and printed off one from the file, cut it out and viola... a super cute gift! 

They'd make a great Christmas gift with a packet of hot cocoa, I missed that window. Even thought about Valentine's Day, with the cocoa and a card that says "You make my heart melt...". But I think my students would also appreciate them as End of the Year gifts. What do you think?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from The Teaching Oasis! This school year has been super busy. That coupled with the fact that I've been helping my friend launch her very own LuLaRoe business, I haven't much time for blogging. I'm hoping to change that.
Starting this Friday, I'll be conducting "Photo Friday." Every Friday I'll feature a photo from my classroom or just a photo of an idea I have. Hopefully that'll get me back on the blogging track and back to doing something I'm passionate about... sharing ideas and resources with others!
If you haven't had a chance to check out the Teaching Oasis tab at the top of my blog, take a moment to do so. The official Teaching Oasis website has been discontinued and all files are now housed in Google Drive folders. Want the link to those files... check out the tab! 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Parent Teacher Conference Form

It's been a busy start to the school year, but then again, isn't it always. I've enjoyed getting to know this group of third graders, I must say they're a fun bunch and they talk a lot have great communication skills!
Last week I held my very first Parent Math Night thanks to my Team BFF. It was her idea, all I did was tweak the Powerpoint and add some cute graphics to the information packet. 
In the midst of getting ready for that I started Parent Conferences. I'm that teacher that likes to schedule them three weeks out from actual conference day, that way I have time on conference day to work in my classroom. As of now I only have 5 that day and my last one ends at 11:20am, I have an entire afternoon to get work done!

I've had several requests for my conference form so I thought I'd share it here, feel free to tweak it as it directly relates to my district requirements. 

Click Here to download a copy for yourself.

I hope to get back to my regular blogging schedule. I've got some amazing ideas to share, I just need the time to blog about them.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

Presidential Cookie Contest

During the 2008 Election my teammates and I decided to hold an election using the Presidential Cookie Recipes from Family Circle.
Here's a picture of the team election bulletin board.
2nd Grade Election Results

Cookie A Recipe- Michelle Obama

Cookie B Recipe- Cindy McCain
I had such a blast doing this that I had to do it with my 3rd graders in my new school back in 2012. I've created a document with the recipes and ballots. Last time I had 4 parent volunteers make the cookies and send them in. Each student got one of each cookie and marked their choice on the ballot. They placed the ballots in a ballot box and the teachers tallied them over night. The teachers annouced the winners the next day. *Beware of food allergies!*
The recipes for this year have been posted on the Family Circle website, click here for your very own copy.
Do you think you'll use this idea in your classroom? What other election activities are you doing?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Classroom Tour 16-17

This is me before Open House, outfit courtesy of Lane Bryant!
Welcome Bunting
Instead of calling them Brag Tags, I settled on Smart Tags since our school motto is "Coal Miners are SMART." This is where students will store their brag tags through out the week. They can wear them on Fridays.
Guided Reading Area, Fiction and Nonfiction Posters courtesy of "A Year of Many Firsts."
Students will store their water bottles to the left of the sink, under the Hydration Station poster.
Construction paper storage, weekly subject copy drawers and brag tags.
Here are all 108 set of brag tags, in all their glory, took all summer to laminate, cut out and punch holes in!
Teacher toolbox and storage containers. I don't have an official teacher desk so I store all my items here.
Anchor Chart Wall
Cubby Area
Storage and Library Area
Workstations, Library Area, Storage
Desk Area... see my glowing Essential Oil Diffuser... my new favorite item!
Learning Targets, Rules, Whiteboard
Decided to do a selfie theme for my classroom wish list this year.
Schedule, Hand Signals, Super Improver Wall
Writing area, #thirdgrade door.... I intend to use my new fancy Polaroid Zip to take photos of the students in the classroom and put them on the door.
View from the door.
SMORE Folder, Parent Flipbook, Chevron Water Bottle for each student, mini water bottle for the parents.
There you have it, my classroom set up for this year. I hope to focus in and blog about each area weekly.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Teaching Oasis

Continuing to pay for a domain and monthly hosting is not something I can do much longer. Unfortunately I don't get many donations, almost none with the exception Patricia B. of Virginia who's been a faithful supporter to the site. 

Still wanting to share as much as I can I've decided to load everything from (now inactive) into folders on Google Drive. You'll want to bookmark this page or the Google Drive link as the "new" Teaching Oasis.

Your donations are still appreciated as I continue to purchase clip art and software to create free materials for instructional use.