Sunday, January 13, 2019

Mastering Math Facts

Students setting up their math fact fluency folders.
One strategy I couldn't wait to implement this year was Math Fact Fluency Folders. After the 1st quarter and all addition and subtraction strategies had been introduced, I decided it was time for students to master basic facts. Students took a math period and cut out all the addition flash cards and put their number on the back of each card (so that if lost and then found, we knew who it belonged to).
Twice a week during the Math Facts Rotation, students take 8 flash cards from the "new facts" and practice them for 7 minutes (then place them in the "math facts I'm practicing"), then spend the other 7 minutes working with math facts games and activities. When they are ready to be tested on those 8 facts, they bring them to the table during their Teacher Table Rotation. I hold up the card, if they get it correct, I initial the back and we move them to the "math facts I know" pocket. If they get it incorrect, it goes back into the "math facts I'm practicing". Always keeping 8 facts in that pocket.
My niece was so proud when she mastered her addition facts!
Once students have mastered all their addition facts, they get to work on their subtraction facts. I placed all the mastered addition facts in a ziploc back for them to take home and give them two SMART Tags, Hard Worker and Marvelous Mathematician. This system has worked out great and I've already had a handful of students finish their addition and now they are working on their subtraction. The folders came from The Primary Gal on TpT, files are linked below!