Sunday, April 7, 2019

Addition and Subtraction (w/wo Regrouping)

Guided Math Lesson
When I taught 2nd grade before, I absolutely loathed teaching addition and subtraction with regrouping, and to be honest... I didn't do good job of it either! However, after teaching 3rd grade for seven years, I saw just how important that foundation was for students. So when I found I was going back to 2nd grade I knew I had to get it right this time.
Guided Math Kit
In October I had the honor of attending a Guided Math Conference ( and it changed my life!  Included in the registration was the Guided Math Grade 2 Unit 4 Kit. Fast forward to February and I'm finally starting to plan for my regrouping unit when I remembered the kit, I hadn't even opened it yet... and when I did, it was magical! (see video from website below)

It included...
  • Teacher Guide w/19 Lessons (I only needed to teach 1-15 to cover my state standards)
  • Warm Up Poster
  • Card Sets (write and wipe)
  • Storage Tote
I had everything I needed to thoroughly teach this concept!

The strategies included were...

Mental Math- Add the Tens

Mental Math- Add/Subtract the Tens (blocks)

Mental Math- Adding on a 120 Chart

Regrouping Blocks- Build It Trade It

Column Regrouping

Regrouping Blocks- Trade Down to Subtract

Number Line Addition and Subtraction

My students have done an amazing job and based on formative and summative assessments, they truly understand the concept. Below are links to the materials I used during this unit:
One purchase I will be making this summer is the Guided Math Grade 2 Unit 3 Kit. We spend an extensive amount of time covering basic addition and subtraction strategies at the beginning of the year and I can see how this kit would be very beneficial. 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

2nd Grade Classroom Resources

My Students Engaged in Quiz Quiz Trade
It's been a busy couple of months! Spring Break was this week and I just finished shopping at the outlets in Williamsburg and eating my weight in crab legs at Captain Georges! I've finally had some time to upload some of the resources I've created since coming back to 2nd grade. You can find all these files in the Teaching Oasis Google Drive in their respective folders. 

Fraction Sundae (I've blogged about this before,

Student creating a plant out of Wikki Stix

Student completing Fact Sheet
Create a Plant Project
Plant and Animal Adaptations Reproducible
Weather Quiz Quiz Trade (Engagement Strategy) 

Social Studies
American Indians Quiz Quiz Trade (Engagement Strategy)
Famous Americans Reproducible

Energy Bus Read Aloud

Energy Bus Booklet
Language Arts
Butterfly Life Cycle Writing Prompt
What if You Had Animal Parts Writing Journal
Energy Bus Booklet
Nonfiction Sorting Cards

Student Learning about the "Platinum Rule"
Talking Chips (Engagement Strategy)
Platinum Rule Reproducible

Monthly Resources
S'more Time 2nd Grade (end of the year)

Monday, February 18, 2019

Famous American Foldable (VA SOL2.4)

We've been studying Famous Americans these last couple of weeks. Virginia changed their Social Studies Standards and now 2nd grade has 10 Famous Americans to study. I started the unit by having students create a foldable of all of our historical figures, then I went back one by one to focus on them. 
I'm using a variety of books I own and access to Mackin Via and Scholastic Bookflix plus video clips from Brain Pop and Discovery Education to teach them. Each day consists of a book/video clip and some type of activity. At the end of each lesson, I give the students a SMART Tag (brag tag) for that person. I got that idea from Doris Young over at Third Grade Thinkers! I never thought of students earning academic brag tags until I read her post. 
To create the foldable, I took a 12x18 white sheet of construction paper and folded both sides inward. Then I cut so that there were 5 flaps on each side. I had students cut and glue the names on the front, photos on the inside flap and contributions underneath the flap. Then we drew and colored symbols over the names of them to help us remember why they're important. It took us about 2 class sessions, an hour, to complete the foldable. 

You can find the foldable blackline masters in the Social Studies Folder of the Teaching Oasis. I used a set from our textbook. I also uploaded the brag tags in the same folder if you're interested. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Mastering Math Facts

Students setting up their math fact fluency folders.
One strategy I couldn't wait to implement this year was Math Fact Fluency Folders. After the 1st quarter and all addition and subtraction strategies had been introduced, I decided it was time for students to master basic facts. Students took a math period and cut out all the addition flash cards and put their number on the back of each card (so that if lost and then found, we knew who it belonged to).
Twice a week during the Math Facts Rotation, students take 8 flash cards from the "new facts" and practice them for 7 minutes (then place them in the "math facts I'm practicing"), then spend the other 7 minutes working with math facts games and activities. When they are ready to be tested on those 8 facts, they bring them to the table during their Teacher Table Rotation. I hold up the card, if they get it correct, I initial the back and we move them to the "math facts I know" pocket. If they get it incorrect, it goes back into the "math facts I'm practicing". Always keeping 8 facts in that pocket.
My niece was so proud when she mastered her addition facts!
Once students have mastered all their addition facts, they get to work on their subtraction facts. I placed all the mastered addition facts in a ziploc back for them to take home and give them two SMART Tags, Hard Worker and Marvelous Mathematician. This system has worked out great and I've already had a handful of students finish their addition and now they are working on their subtraction. The folders came from The Primary Gal on TpT, files are linked below!