Sunday, September 22, 2019

Google Keep... the Gamechanger!

Screenshot of Google Keep on my Computer
When I was going through my Google Certification I remember doing a module on Google Keep. However, at the time, I didn't see the value in the application. 

Then I ran across a Tweet on Twitter where someone was sharing about it. I decided right then, I needed this Google Application in my life! Opening this new school has been an absolute whirlwind! When I tell you I was NOT READY... I was NOT READY! So this came a time when I desperately needed to "get my life togetha". 

A teammate commented that I seem "to be on top of things." I told her it was definitely an illusion cause I most certainly am not, but, I am much more organized with this app. 

I love the fact that I can have it on my phone and on my computer and it updates in real time. When ever I think of something I'm either near my computer or phone so it works out, I add it to a list and keep it moving. I review my lists daily to see what I can check off and what I need to check off. 

Now... I chose to purchase these cute little Google Keep Headers from "a small world called kindergarten" however she has a free set that you could use as well. With the paid set she gives a template to create your own and that's what I did with my Weekly Tasks. I have it "pinned" at the top and each week I check off my weekly tasks as I complete them and then over the weekend, I uncheck them and start all over. 
So if you're looking to get your life organized, I totally recommend this Google App. Do you need the cute little headers? No. But they make me happy when I see them so it was worth it for me!

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