Sunday, January 12, 2014

Student Teacher Welcome Basket

I'm super excited... my student teacher starts tomorrow! I'm being trained by Virginia Commonwealth University to be apart of their Clinical Faculty. Which basically means their student teachers will teach in my room and I will coach/mentor them. I had my first training yesterday and I'm really excited about this step in my professional career. I've never had a student teacher before and look forward to learning from her as she learns from me.

I was racking my brain on what to do for her and of course I took to Pinterest. I saw a cute ABC Basket where there was an item for each letter of the alphabet. I knew I couldn't pull that off in one day so then I thought about doing the same thing but with the word "WELCOME." So after church I went to Walmart, Target and Bath and Body works for all the items I needed for my basket.

W- water
E- esos lip balm
L- lotion
C- chex mix (thought about chips, cheese its or a cupcake)
O- oreos
M- muffins (thought about M&Ms)
E- extra gum (thought about eclipse gum too)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Explorer's Lapbook

Explorer Lapbook Cover
As you can see I love teaching Social Studies... up until this year in 3rd grade I taught S.S. to two classes while my partner taught Science to my class. My next unit is Explorers and while I'm pretty sure my student teacher (yes I'm getting a student teacher from VCU and I'm beyond excited) will be teaching this unit, I couldn't help myself from creating a lapbook for it.

Explorer Lapbook Inside

Explorer Lapbook Inside

Explorer Lapbook Back

I created a document with everything you need to create this lapbook. I even included a vocabulary template in case you want to use it instead of the songs. Click here for a link to my Google Docs for the document.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Resources @ Teaching Oasis

Over my two week Winter Vacation I played around with making documents in Powerpoint. I must say it was somewhat easier than using Word and I loved the finished product.

The reading response mini book is 8 sheets/ 15 half pages of responses. Use them all at once or just a couple at a time. Directions are included.

Reading Response Journal
Reading Response Journal
Back of Reading Response Journal
My next Social Studies Unit is on Explorers so I made this bunting to hang on a bulletin board after our study.
Explorer Bunting

I've also uploaded a Concepts of Multiplication Booklet and revised Multiplication Assessments. Go on over to the Teaching Oasis and download them today!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014