Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway

Last year this time I held a Snow Day Giveaway. Since we got about 8-10 inches in Richmond this time I thought I'd celebrate! I'm giving away two zip top utility totes which are the perfect teacher bags. They won't be personalized but it's a great bag nonetheless. If you decide to make a purchase the monthly special can be seen to the right. Spend $35 and get a purse half off. This Mini Diamond District Purse in the Pebble Pink is on my list this month, can't wait to buy this!


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Dr. Seuss Literacy Resources

Green Eggs and Ham: Recipe
I started the Teaching Oasis 5 years ago. Looking back at some of the documents is somewhat embarrassing, like I cannot believe I ever created them! Well times have changed and so have techniques so I'm on a mission to get some of them updated. My first task was updating the March Literacy Units which are centered around Dr. Seuss. Hop on over and see if there's anything you can use in your classroom for this year's Read Across America!
The Lorax: Earth Day Posters

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish: Goldfish Math
(addition and multiplication options)
Dr. Seuss: Mini Bio
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Super Improver Wall {Whole Brain Teaching}

Current Super Improver Wall
Super Improver Wall in August
Let's just say this is the best thing I've ever implemented in my classroom! It comes from the Whole Brain Teaching book.

I run the template above on the correlating color copy/construction paper. All my students started off with a white sheet of paper and they have to earn 10 stickers (the mini chart stickers you can find at the teacher store) to level up to the next color. So they've gone from white to green to blue and so on. They absolutely love it, who knew a sticker and sheet of paper would be so motivating!?

Ways students earn stickers:
1 sticker a week for having appropriate behavior
1 sticker if you're my helper for the week
1 sticker for every five AR points they earn
1 sticker for reaching the highest level on our classroom clip chart that day
1 sticker if they can reflect on their week and tell me how they've used one of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids
1 sticker if I see them demonstrating our Life Skill of the Month
1 sticker for homework, I may do this once a month with one particular homework assignment, anyone who turns that one in gets a sticker

Basically they can earn stickers for anything I want them to earn stickers for. I have contracts with certain students. With one if she finishes all her literacy tasks that day she can earn a sticker. With another if he gets less than 3 redirections a day he can earn an additional sticker.

As you can see I have three students at the Pro (brown) level. From time to time I ask certain levels to complete certain responsibilities. For example I may tell all the Team Captains (yellow) to clean the floor. Or ask the Specialists (pink) to run errands for me. Or have the Whiz Kids (purple) be the monitors in the bathroom.

Super Improver Wall Levels from Tonya's Treats for Teachers,
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Friday, February 13, 2015

Dr. Seuss iPad Project

Seuss App Manual
I blogged about this project a couple years ago Dr. Seuss Project. At the time I was using an iPad template I'd found on the net and I had created an App Manual but wasn't allowed to share it due to copyright restrictions. Last time I did the project the students summarized the book on the manual pages, this year I think I'll just have them write about their favorite part/character.
iPad project from 2013
iPad project from 2013
Well now I've created my own templates and it's all ready to be shared! I don't have pictures of the finished project just yet but hopefully you can use your imagination to see how it'll work. I intend to mount the completed iPad on construction paper and tape it to the walls in the hallway. I'll hang the App Manuals underneath them on the cork strip.
iPad Template
Hop on over to The Teaching Oasis to download your copies today. The iPad template could be used for a variety of projects (story elements, science or social studies symbols, math symbols).

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Black History Foldables

Listening: Gotta love Michael Jackson!

Loving: Today it was 68* but in a couple of days it'll be back in the 30's. I do wish we would get one good snow though... one that'll have us out of school for 3 days!

Thinking: I was blessed enough to win 6 sets of clip art from Krista Wallden of Creative Clips last week. Now I'm thinking of buying some Spring sets so I can redo my Christmas and Winter Reading Comprehension Flaps for Spring. I'm also eyeing Melonheadz Black History set... would love to make some posters out of those.

Wanting: It's been awhile and I'm desperately needing a cupcake with chocolate in it from Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe.

Needing: I'm hoping to stay on top of my  paperwork this quarter. My high school helper is no longer with me so I'll be doing my own grading and filing for the rest of the year.

Pageant Title: Miss Ain't Nobody Got Time for Dat- That title fits me well... that's been my motto since Sweet Brown became a YouTube star! I also think Miss Keep it One Hundred would also fit me. I'm the Queen of Keep it Real, if you ask my opinion, be prepared for me to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Black History Foldables
Hope on over to the Teaching Oasis and download these Black History Foldables today!