Sunday, February 15, 2015

Super Improver Wall {Whole Brain Teaching}

Current Super Improver Wall
Super Improver Wall in August
Let's just say this is the best thing I've ever implemented in my classroom! It comes from the Whole Brain Teaching book.

I run the template above on the correlating color copy/construction paper. All my students started off with a white sheet of paper and they have to earn 10 stickers (the mini chart stickers you can find at the teacher store) to level up to the next color. So they've gone from white to green to blue and so on. They absolutely love it, who knew a sticker and sheet of paper would be so motivating!?

Ways students earn stickers:
1 sticker a week for having appropriate behavior
1 sticker if you're my helper for the week
1 sticker for every five AR points they earn
1 sticker for reaching the highest level on our classroom clip chart that day
1 sticker if they can reflect on their week and tell me how they've used one of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids
1 sticker if I see them demonstrating our Life Skill of the Month
1 sticker for homework, I may do this once a month with one particular homework assignment, anyone who turns that one in gets a sticker

Basically they can earn stickers for anything I want them to earn stickers for. I have contracts with certain students. With one if she finishes all her literacy tasks that day she can earn a sticker. With another if he gets less than 3 redirections a day he can earn an additional sticker.

As you can see I have three students at the Pro (brown) level. From time to time I ask certain levels to complete certain responsibilities. For example I may tell all the Team Captains (yellow) to clean the floor. Or ask the Specialists (pink) to run errands for me. Or have the Whiz Kids (purple) be the monitors in the bathroom.
Super Improver Wall Levels from Tonya's Treats for Teachers,
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  1. I love the Super Improvers Team! It has been a fabulous addition to my classroom. I love the flexibility and that the kids cheer each other on. I tell my kids that we all have things to improve on, including me. :)

  2. This is a fabulous idea, and I am going to share it to give another "wall" option. Thanks for the materials to make it too. :-)

  3. Mrs. Eva Grant~TrujilloJuly 12, 2016 at 2:48 PM

    I love your Super Improver Student Name Cards!! Would you be willing to share them with me?? My email address is

  4. also love your name cards if your willing to share! THANKS!

  5. Do you have a printable template of your name cards that you would be willing to share?

  6. Hello! Love your template for your name cards for the Super Improvers - would you be willing to share that? Thank you!!