Sunday, January 19, 2020

Super Bowl Weekend Kick Off

I've been having classroom Super Bowl Parties for years now. This year it will fall on a county early release day so I won't be able to do all the activities I'm use to doing. I also won't be making my famous Hawaiian Meatballs, our county is getting very strict about food in the classroom <insert sad face>. 
For Morning Circle we'll go over our Game Plan for the day. Then I think I'm going straight into Tackling Teamwork. I'm reading Game Day and using aspects of this Game Day Unit if I have time. 
After the read aloud, we'll complete our Kick Off. Teacher's Clubhouse has this Sports Jersey Glyph I purchased years ago. They recently revamped their entire unit with tons of great activities, The Big Game

We have to break for our quarterly PBIS Awards Assembly but when we come back we'll complete Sportswriter. There is a Teamwork writing in the Game Day Unit as well as Football Writing Prompts in The Big Game Unit that I'll use during this time. 
Since it's an early release day the students will eat lunch in the classroom. Scholastic Bookflix has Miss Nelson Has a Field Day, so we'll watch that while we eat our lunch. 
After Halftime we'll have our Scrimmage. I created a Football Jeopardy Game for students to play in teams. 
I'm using this Super Bowl Prediction Forever Freebie for my students to make their predictions. I shrank it down to four to a page and will use it to make a class graph. My students will also work on this Football Word Search as they snack on a special Super Bowl Trail Mix <a recipe I have yet to come up with>. 

Do you do anything in your classroom to celebrate the Super Bowl?