Sunday, October 13, 2019

Moving Forward with Comprehension

After reflecting on my first year back in 2nd grade, I realized that my guided reading instruction needs improvement. This past school year I focused on guided math and I'm feeling pretty confident about that so now is the perfect time to take a look at reading. 

I'll be sharing my takeaways from the following chapters from Jan Richardson's Next Step Forward in Guided Reading:
Chapter 7: Moving Forward with Comprehension Instruction 

This post will share my take aways from Chapter 7: Moving Forward with Comprehension.

This chapter focuses the comprehension aspect of reading instruction. The Top 12 Comprehension Strategies are shared along with 29 modules to address them. 

  1. Comprehension Monitoring
  2. Retelling
  3. Developing Vocabulary
  4. Asking and Answering Questions
  5. Main Idea and Details
  6. Analyzing Characters
  7. Analyzing  Relationships
  8. Inferring
  9. Summarizing
  10. Evaluating
  11. Using Text Features
  12. Understanding Text Structure

If you haven't visited, you should, she has many free resources to support her books. I also love the Reading Strategies Book from Jennifer Serravallo for comprehension instruction as well.   

I recently started reading groups and quickly realized that I didn't have enough time to do all the parts of Jan Richardson's lesson plan so I had to do some tweaking. Now I'm knee deep in running records to determine each child's instructional reading level. Once that's complete, I hope to jump back into reading groups. 

What resources do you use to teach reading comprehension?

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