Sunday, March 3, 2013


Friday was Dr. Seuss Day and the students had a blast! Third graders got to wear silly hats and each classroom had guest readers come to read to them.

Someone from central office came and read my students Horton Hears a Who. They were so polite, they listened carefully and when it was over they told her "thank you" and gave her a hug. I have the absolute best class ever! Which is why didn't mind splurging on gifts for all of them.

They each got a Seuss Tote (I purchase them in the summers from Target $ Spot), a bookmark, 4 dollar books from Scholastic and a Seuss cookie from Sugar Nirvana (they were cute and tasted good too!)
I also ordered some Mini Seuss Cookies from A Cookie Jar for some of my coworkers, they loved those too. It's the same place ordered the Owl Valentine Cookies. They were beautiful and delicious as always. Then I made a lil tote on my Cricut to put them in.

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