Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pinterest = Math

I LOVE Pinterest! I can always count on Pinterest for a cute and effective math activity. Here are some pictures of math activities inspired by Pinterest.
Area and Perimeter using Pentominoes
Students choose a pentomino, traced it, and calculated the area and perimeter,
all the pentominoes had an area of 5... duh...and most had a perimeter of 12 so next year
I'll have them use one shape and two shapes combined to do the activity.

Dream Playground
Students mapped out their Dream Playground and then calculated
the area and the perimeter.

Fraction Sundae
Students decorated 6 ice cream scoops with their favorite flavors,
then they wrote the fractional parts on the bowl.

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  1. I'm following! I did the fraction sundae with my class last year and they loved it!! :)