Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

 Happy Memorial Day! I'm sitting here catching up on Law and Order SVU eating my Strawberries & Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell Ice Cream. As of today there is only 14 days of school left. My third graders have taken 3 of their 4 state standardized tests. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how they did. I took some pictures of my classroom for my Teacher Evaluation Binder and decided to share some updated photos of my classroom.
I created some Social Studies Vocabulary Word Wall Cards for display this year,
since I'll be teaching Science and Social Studies next year I guess I need to finish
the set I started to create for Science.
Of course I saw a "Rock the Test" idea on Pinterest and had to make it my own.
I found this worksheet on Teachers Pay Teachers for free and students used stencils
I created on my Cricut (Paper Doll Cartridge) to make their own Rock Stars.
This is what my Mountain Math Board looks like now that we've been doing it
all year. I love the program and will be implementing it again next year.
This will probably be my last year having a CAFE/FACES Strategy Board.
I honesty don't use it much and that wall space can be used to display my
anchor charts.
My 3rd Graders are Bucket Fillers and I got this idea off Pinterest. Student give
celebrity shout outs to those who have filled their bucket.

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  1. I love your pictures. I have been taking pictures of my room too for my binder. Science and Social Studies has a lot of vocabulary for our kids to learn!