Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wordless Picture Books

So I've learned over the years to begin teaching a new reading strategy with a wordless picture book. I find that it works best with the following strategies...
  • making connections
  • questioning
  • predicting
  • inferring
  • synthesizing
  • summarizing(this is a key strategy using wordless picture books will enhance for your students)
Below is a list of books I use each year for various strategies.
Deep in the Forest- Brinton Turkle
10 Minutes till Bedtime- Peggy Rathman
Looking Down- Steve Jenkins
Carl's Summer Vacation- Alexendra Day
Tuesday- David Wiesner
Chicken and Cat- Sara Varon
Do You Want to Be My Friend- Eric Carle
The Snowman- Raymond Briggs
Anno's Counting Book- Mitsumasa Anno

I also found an artile here about them.

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