Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hour of the Olympics

So now that I'm in 3rd grade, I'm no longer teaching Ancient Egypt and China. I get to teach Ancienct Greece and Rome! To go along with my Ancient Greece Unit I purchased a class set of Magic Tree House Hour of the Olympics. I then found this INCREDIBLE SITE that had vocabulary and questions to go with the unit. I simply copied and pasted them into a word document and created a literature packet. I think I will do this unit during shared reading. They'll have to read two chapters a day and complete the sheet that goes with it. Then I can use it as a reading and social studies grade:)

Hour of the Olympics

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences

After scouring the web looking for the perfect sheet to share pertinent data with my parents... I came up with this.
Learning Profile
What forms do you use at parent teacher conferences?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rounding Task Cards

I've started my Place Value unit and one of the standards requires the students to round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. I created some task cards to use with the unit.

How do you teach rounding? Share a lesson!

Rounding Task Cards

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall/Halloween Treat Bags

So I've gathered all my materials for my treat bags for Halloween.
-Candy Corn Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works
-Free Jr. Frosty Coupon from Wendys
-Monster Stickers from Carson Dellosa
-Boo Mallows from Kraft Foods
-Halloween Rice Krispy Treats and Fruit Roll Ups
-Candy Assortment

I made the cute pumpkin card with my Mini Monsters Cricut Cartridge and I stamped the inside to say Trick or Treat.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Teratoma... something I saw on the Discovery Health Channel once... something that is now living in my body! About two weeks ago I had been having some abdominal pain. I thought of many things that it could be... ovulation pain(do you get that? I know I do!), maybe a bladder infection(never had one), possibly even really bad gas...LOL. I went to my doctor who ran my urine and blood, all they told me was that I was still anemic, which was odd because I take two iron pills a day. After poking around in my stomach, the doctor suggested that I might have an ovarian cyst and sent me to the local ER.

Get to the ER, they run the same tests all over again and don't find anything. So they prep me for a CT scan. An hour later the doctor comes in and tells me I have a 4 inch Teratoma on my right ovary and I've had it for months! It's also one of the reasons why I still slightly anemic, I guess it's absorbing some of my blood... yikes!

They refered me to the Center for Gynecologic Oncology and I have an appointment this Monday. So I am definitely standing in the need of some prayer... I know my God is a healer! But I must admit that this is all very scary for me, I've never had any major health complications other than Hypertension and I've never had surgery before.

I'm at a new school and a new grade level and if you're anything like me, you hate missing days of school! I emailed the parents of my students and they have all been very supportive, one even offered to run errands for me and cook for me so that I can have a speedy recovery (cried when I read that one).

So that's where I've been... adjusting to my 3rd graders(who I love), bonding with my teammates (who are super and keep me laughing) and carrying around a tumor that is named Sha'Qwan Tyrone Watkins (my teammates name him)!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Teaching Map Skills

So I made these posters to post in my room to go along with my map skills unit.
Parts of a Map Posters
I also used the Community Map bulletin board set from Creative Teaching Press. I don't see it on the site but I did see the upper grades one which I will probably get for next year.

I also look forward to using the Lakeshore World Molding Kit this year. I attached a picture of the completed project from years ago.