Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wedding Planning

As many of you know I got engaged on Valentine's Day. We have set a date of December 1, 2012. I've been knee deep in wedding planning! I've purchased a couple of things... the sand ceremony kit, cake cutting set, save the date cards, photo wedding guestbook, oh and my WEDDING DRESS! So between wedding planning and teaching 3rd grade for the first time (which means gearing up for state standardized testing) I've been absolutely swamped! I'm on Spring Break this week. I've spent the entire day today in the bed, my iron has dropped dangerously low so I don't have the energy to do much of anything right now. But I do have a school bag full of papers to grade and plans to write waiting on me when I do conjure up the energy to get some work done. Only 44 more school days left until summer vacation... but who's counting!


  1. So sweet! Have fun preparing for your big day!

    Lori (luvyorkies@gmail.com)
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. What's a sand ceremony kit?

    It's so fun to plan a wedding... but take care of you too! :)


  3. What a beautiful save the date card! You will be a lovely bride and I can't wait for photos of the dress. Congratulations again.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings
    The Honey Bunch Blog Design

  4. How exciting! Get some rest and take care of yourself! You have lots of wonderful times ahead.

  5. Planning a wedding is so much fun !.....but is very time consuming while you are trying to teach !! I got married the week after school ended and it was an exciting yet crazy, busy time. Enjoy and remember to take care of yourself....I have to run and mark math booklets, tests and performance tasks X 22 !

  6. congratulations to you Jessica!!!!!!!

  7. The Sand Ceremony is sorta like the unity candle. Where they take two candles and then light one candle. Well with the sand you take two different colors of sand, one color in each jar. Then pour them into one jar and they are now united together, never to be apart. Or something like that...LOL

  8. How exciting!! Congratulations!