Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas

Well I don't know when you get out for Winter Vacation but my last day is Thursday December 20th. Then we return January 2nd. We got jipped out of two vacation days this year and they were reallocated to the day before Thanksgiving and President's Day.

Last year I blogged about the Christmas Ornaments I do every year. I just finished shopping for the paint at Wal-mart and I can't wait to do these tomorrow with the children. I'll send them home on Wednesday of next week.

I transferred to my current school last year and they party a little differently than my previous school. Our winter celebration consisted of a craft, cupcake and movie. Needless to say I was disappointed. So I've reinstated my Winter Luncheons! Next Thursday my students will have a 45-60 minute lunch in the classroom with holiday music and a delicious spread! I've even contemplating having a Hot Chocolate Bar:)

The menu includes...
Hawaiian Meatballs (I personally make these for the students and they love them!)
Chicken Nuggets from Chickfila
Turkey Biscuits
Fruit Tray
Vegetable Tray
Snowflace Ritz Crackers and cubed Cheese
Holiday Pretzels
Holiday Marshmallows

Here are a couple pictures from the past...
How are you celebrating the holidays with your students?


  1. Love the ornament idea! Your Christmas spread looks great, also. Do you provide all the the food for the students?

  2. At my last school, the students sent in $10 to cover everything, back then I did Gingerbread Ornaments, Penguin Craft, Glass Ball Ornaments, Polar Express Day and the Winter Luncheon.

    This year my parents signed up to bring most things but I'm providing the meatballs and turkey biscuits as well as the cupcakes and pretzels.

  3. Just got home from our Christmas concert, it went very well but I am soooooo glad to slip into my fuzzy pjs and slippers. Your party looks yummy !! Merry Christmas !

  4. After a big study on winter celebrations which includes Las Posadas, I ask my families to bring in their favorite Mexican dish. Now I do have to share that most of my children are English learners so I always look forward to the most amazing homemade dishes. Yum! We also have a pinada and play some fun games.