Friday, August 2, 2013

Classroom Tour

I am so happy to report that my classroom is finished! I can now enjoy the rest of my summer vacation...all 24 days left of it!

view from the door

math workshop area: Mountain Math, Math it Up

classroom library

content vocabulary word wall


spiral deco mesh wreath

my desk

my name sign

guided reading materials

guided reading area

nonfiction text features

reading strategies

reference resources and puncuation

writing area

view from guided reading area

view from corner

view from sink

side view of my spiral deco mesh wreath... can you tell I love my wreath!


  1. Love your classroom, so bright and cheerful! I must admit, I love your spiral deco mesh wreath, too.

  2. Love it and am jealous you are done! It looks great!! Where did you get your strategy, punctuation, reference, and non fiction signs? I love how they are not so big that take up too much space! You have inspired me to get back in my room and start the set up. Great job...enjoy your 24 days of summer before you head back! :-)

    1. The strategy posters came from my school system, punctuation signs came off of Teachers Notebook, Reference signs came from Teachers Pay Teachers and the Nonfiction Signs came from Teacher's Clubhouse.

    2. Thanks!!! I am going to get the ones I can!!!

  3. Wow - Your room looks great! You should be very happy:)

  4. I so, so love the wreath above your birthday chart.
    My Second Sense

  5. Your room is amazing!!!!! I also love the wreth. Did you make it?

  6. i love your name, along with the other headings around your room! very cute!

    Third Grade in the First State

    1. Thanks, they turned out super cute... I think I'll keep them for a couple of years:)

  7. Very inviting room! I do the same thing. I go in my room soon ASAP and set up, then enjoy the rest of your summer right, mind free!

  8. That first picture with the view of your room made me exhale. It looks warm, inviting, and calm. I love the color blue! Go you! Wishing you a great year Mrs!

  9. I love seeing everyone's classrooms- the desks you have are SO cool! I'd love to be in your classroom- it's so colorful. The library looks great and the wreath just brings it all together. Ohhh and your shiny clean desk! So envious!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  10. I love your wreath! Your room looks bright and inviting.