Sunday, April 13, 2014

K12 Reader Website

     Well today's the beginning of my Spring Break! After that only 8 more weeks of school until summer vacation. I've spent the weekend shopping, eating and sleeping but also working on some projects. I'm planning for summer school and also next year. I'm assuming I'll be teaching 3rd grade at my current school but I did put in for a transfer (looking for a school closer to home and on the early schedule) and we are getting an entire new administration at my current school. Our principal is retiring, our assistant principal will be principal at another school and our administrative assistant(we have one because our school has over 1,000 students!) will not be returning.

     Are you familiar with K12 Reader? Well it's a free website with wonderful resources. My favorite is the reading passages for each grade level (scroll down and look in the left side bar to see the different grade levels). I think I'm going to make them into an interactive notebook form for next school year. I was playing around with how that would look.

     Students could cut the passage out and glue it on the left side of their notebook. They would then cut out the question template and glue that on the right side. I'm envisioning them writing their answer under the flap and then going back into the passage and highlighting evidence to support their answer in the correlating color.

     I've been doing this already with my 4th grade reading remediation group. I enlarged the passage and questions to 120% when copying and I had them glue passage on the left and the questions on the right. I had them highlight each question with a different color and then the evidence from the text. I've included examples from my notebook below.

What do you think of the idea? Do you do something similar in your classroom?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Currently April
I linked up with Farley for the Currently April.
Woohoo... my birthday month...bring on the Spring Weather... I loved my 10 snow days and 7 two hour delays but I'm ready to rock my sandals, skirts and tank tops on the regular! 
I've been suffering with Uterine Fibroids for 2 years now. I was diagnosed after I had an ovarian tumor removed and still continued to be in pain. I finally couldn't take the pain anymore and saw a new doctor. I'm scheduled for a sonohystogram during Spring Break and then I'll find out which type of surgery I'll need to remove them. The Myosure has a one week recovery time but the C-section cut will put me out of school for 4-8 weeks. We start state testing on May 9th and that may be the exact time I'll go in for the procedure.
Three weeks ago I got my 28th student, that makes 9 students with IEP's in my classroom. All 6 teachers on my team have 28 which means now we all start getting 29 now. We still have students transferring to our school and we have enrolled about 15 students in the last 3 weeks.
Do you have Blue Bell Ice Cream in your area? It is the best ice cream around! I love their Homemade Vanilla but now I have a new favorite... the Sea Salt Caramel. My husband just finished a container of the Banana Pudding, heard it was good, wouldn't know though, he didn't offer me a
Just 8 more days until Spring Break. One of those days is a Field Trip and the other is Field Day so... let's see how much teaching I get done after next Wednesday!