Tuesday, May 27, 2014

T minus 13 Days

Only 13 more days until summer vacation! Did you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend? I sure did. My husband and I traveled to Phoenixville, PA for our nephew's 1st birthday party. It was basically a 3 day event, between Monkey Joe's for the kids and Bounce U for the adults, shopping at the outlets and a family trip to Arnold's Family Fun Center, I'm exhausted. But I did make time to visit the Lakeshore Learning Store at King of Prussia. Here's what I bought...

I can't wait to use these Find the Evidence Clips. Students use them during
Guided Reading to mark their book. I'll probably do a test run with these
in Summer School.

I finally broke down and purchased these Nonfiction Question Sticks.
I purchased something similar years ago, but this year they came out with
two separate tubs, one for Nonfiction books and one for Fiction books.

Now that I have both tubs I can pull out the tub I need during Guided Reading
instead of reading through to find which ones apply to fiction and nonfiction.
So that's what I picked up on my excursion. I had a coupon and my husband had a coupon so I saved myself $14. I'll still make my yearly summer trip to the Lakeshore Store in Northern Virginia after summer school is over and... wait for it... before my surgery! After a follow up with my GYN, it was decided that it was time to remove the fibroids. So I will be having that procedure done on August 4th. Since it will be an incision there's a 2-8 week recovery time. I'll be missing all of those August Professional Development sessions that's required there's a possibility that I won't return until after teacher work week, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Now that my class has finished all of their state testing I've got some cute craftivities lined up for them. First, they will each teach a lesson to the class using this resource.
Click the picture for the link.
 Can't wait to display these cute cupcakes in the hallway!

Click the picture for the link.
And these guitars!

Click the picture for the link.
Oh and if you're in need of some FREE end of the year awards, there's some available on my website!

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  1. I love those evidence clips!! Sending good thoughts to you for your surgery : )
    I'll be using the "You Be the Teacher" activity too - so fun.