Saturday, June 21, 2014

Whole Brain Teaching Part 1
According to Amazon my professional reading books should be delivered today! I haven't had to create many resources for this because there are "tons" of free quality items out there for you to download. Here are my favorites so far...
I downloaded the Super Improver's Wall from Tonya's Treats for Teachers. I was going to make my own, but hers hit the nail on the head and I wondered, why reinvent the wheel! They're colorful and the clip art is adorable! It's from Melonheadz and I have this set on my wish list right now. I am going to purchase matching cardstock paper to cut up and use as the students cards for them to earn stars and level up.
I really like the rules from Amy Groesbeck. It has Chevron and the same Melonheadz clip art. So I printed these out and laminated them.
I chose Christie from First Grade Fever's Call Back Set. Love the Polka Dots and again, it has the Melonheadz clip art.

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