Sunday, August 24, 2014

Classroom Tour 2014-2015

My classroom is finally finished. In the 11th hour they hired a new teacher for 3rd grade so I felt the need to finish it so I can be available to help her teacher work week.

Here is my writing station, all ready for my bar from Ikea to be hung, that has the containers you can hang on it and my Whole Brain Teaching rules board.

Here you can see my Behavior Clip Chart, my Daily Schedule and my Parent Wish List... got the cupcake idea
from Pinterest.

Here's my calendar, the Super Improver Levels from WBT, 7 Habits of Happy Kids, Life Skill of the Week,
Jobs and Morning Routine.
Above the board our Nonfiction Text Features and Reading Strategy Posters I got from my last school.
Here is my Super Improver Board, students will start off with a White Card, Beginner Level, then once they earn 10 stickers
they move up to the next level, Green Card, Learner Level. I'll put my writing and math posters in this corner.
Carpet Area with my Spiral Wreath with the Birthday Chart hanging below it.

Classroom Library leveled for Accelerated Reader.
Here's the computer nook, workstations and carpet area.
Storage area with boxes set up for sorting community supplies during Open House.
The Back Counter, it will house all of the things my teacher desk use to.
Sink Area
This is my Science Area, it has Engineering and Design Process Posters, Science standards and the Scientific Method.
Reading Group Materials, Chevron Baskets from Michael's.
Genre and Reading Posters... oh and my name banner.
Reading Strategy and Skill Posters
Reading Group Area
Reading Group Area...aka my new teacher desk
View from the door. I've already put out the students' Literacy Binders, Communication Folders and Welcome Treats.

I love setting up my classroom for a new year! Below are some links to some things that are in my room, just in case you want to get them for yours ;)

*Chevron Labels by Learning in Wonderland
*Melonheadz Genre Posters by Rachel Lamb
*Melonheadz Reading Posters by Amy Groesbeck


  1. Yikes! We're at the deciding point on hiring a new 3rd grade teacher. Tomorrow (first day of school) should give us a definite YES! Love your room!!

  2. Beautiful room!!
    And yay for a new teacher! Nothing like a smaller class size to set the year off on the right foot!

  3. I may be 3 years late seeing this, but looks awesome! Love those gene posters! ;) ha!