Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January Currently

*I seem to be always listening to the television but for once it's not the Cosby Show... I'm pretty sure that all the networks have pulled it out of syndication.
*So my Thirty-One Enrollment Kit has arrived it has over $400 in new merchandise and business materials. You should definitely hop over to Thirty-One Gifts and check out the new catalog.
*I went to school today to put my classroom back together... they re-waxed our floors so my student desks were everywhere! It was also very, very dusty and I think that might be affecting me.
*Wanting everything in the new catalog!
Going to order 2 of these in the Chevron for my Guided Reading Table.
Going to order 3 of these in the Pink Cross Pop and have Mrs. Saunders, Intervention and Fluency embroidered on them and hang them behind my Guided Reading table. The coolest part is that they snap together!
Not sure how many or what colors yet but I'm getting these for my desk area in my classroom. They also snap together!
*I always try to start the year in church. Usually we go to our home church (which has over 1,000 members) but last year we visited a much smaller church for NYE and had a wonderful time. We've decided to fellowship with another smaller church this evening.
*Yes- I've maintained my weight loss which is amazing considering all the junk food I've been eating. Starting tomorrow I'll be back low-carb!
*Maybe- Starting a business is difficult... been there, done that, got the t-shirt! So we'll see what Thirty-One has for me.
*I Wish- this is more my prayer... I pray for my mother's divine healing. January 25th will make 5 years to the day that I lost my father and I cannot imagine losing my mother so I pray that Lord restores her health. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Big News: I'm a Thirty One Consultant!

It's official! I've signed on to be a Thirty-One Consultant! I absolutely love these bags (they sell much more than that though) and I'm excited to be able to share them with others.
The new Spring/Summer Catalog will launch December 30th and there are some great products available.
Check out my Pinterest Board for a sneak preview:

Once the catalog goes live you can order from this link:
Becoming a consultant will give me another way I can be a blessing to others, be on the lookout future giveaways and specials.
This bag will be $10 (usually $35) with the purchase of at least $35 in January. I'm sure I'll be inclined to do a giveaway as this is the PERFECT "teacher bag."

Monday, December 15, 2014

Creative Chalkboard's Selfless Challenge

I'm still participating in Krista Wallden's S"elf"less Challenge. Krista's giving away free clip art and challenging us all to do something special for someone else.

I choose to complete #1, Kindness with Cookies. I don't bake cookies much but I do order them from my favorite shop on Etsy, ACOOKIEJAR. This year I ordered Santa Bellies, Reindeer, Snowmen and Snowy Owls for my Secret Santa who loves owls! Can't wait to pass them out tomorrow. And yes... these cookies are as good as they look! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Questionnaire
1. When do you decorate?
Well you won't believe my answer... I don't! We've only been married for two years and we are never here for Christmas and we don't have children yet so we haven't felt the need to decorate the house.

2. Elf or no elf?
Again I don't have children so no elf at home. No elf at school either, my students are very well behaved so they don't need any motivation other than what I already do.

3. Christmas cookies or no baking for you?
Oh I bake... Sweet Potato Pies, that is! I order my Christmas Cookies from ACOOKIEJAR on Etsy. Here's what I purchased this year:
Ordered these for my Secret Santa... she loves owls!

Ordered these for my friends.

Got the snowmen from this set for my room moms.

These reindeer were too stinkin' cute not to order! I'll give these to friends as well.
4. Favorite holiday tradition?
I must say I just like spending time with my family on Christmas. I go to my sisters where my mom lives also and she cooks and we have a good time together.

5. Favorite Christmas movie?
ELF! I dvr'd it this season so now I can watch it whenever I want.

6. Snow or no snow?
I like my snow in January, February and March. So I can get Snow Days off from school!

7. Favorite Christmas Song?
There are so many... Do You Hear What I Hear? Someday at Christmas, I do love Kirk Franklin's There's No Christmas Without You, got it on repeat in the car.

8. Favorite gifts to give and get?
That's a hard one. This year I gave most of my friends monogrammed bags from Thirty One. Some family members got living lockets from Origami Owl. You can never go wrong with Bath and Body Works. I attended the Winter Bazaar Bizarre and purchased some Dip Mixes for some people and Frappe Vino (Wine Slushie Mix). Got my husband all his favorites. I love getting gifts period. My secret santa got me a gift card to Target and Chipotle and Haribo Gummies, my friend got me a Target Gift Card, my other friend got me a gift certificate to Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe and Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer! Not sure what else I'm getting;)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Creative Chalkboard's Selfless Challenge

I'm still excited to be participating in Krista Wallden's S"elf"less Challenge. Krista's giving away free clip art and challenging us all to do something special for someone else.

I choose to complete #3, Mailbox Surprise. I bought some Bath and Body Works holiday hand soap and decided to attach a gift label to it and surprise a colleague with a treat in their box tomorrow. I uploaded the labels in case you would like to use them for yourself.

Click Here for Link

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Themed Reading Notebook Templates

I mentioned in my last blog post that I was wanting to "create something" because I can't seem to turn my brain off. Well I was finally able to wrap my head around an idea and finish it. That ideas was Christmas Themed Reading Notebook Templates. These can be used in shared reading or guided reading... together or independently. I think the possibilities are endless.
Would love feedback!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Currently December

It's December 1st, my two year anniversary!
My answers are pretty self explanatory but I would like to explain my "giving." After roaming around Pinterest I saw R.A.C.K. Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. I thought this would be a great idea for my students to complete while I'm doing reading groups. It's a welcome break from the regular "read, take AR test, do reading response." I decided to create a menu for them to choose from.
They're writing thank you notes to admin and office staff, they are making cards for classmates and teachers, giving compliments and coloring holiday pictures to give to others. I created correlating stationary and students were excited to get started. I've already seen them giving compliments and writing notes to their second grade teachers.
Now for my 25 Days of Christmas for my husband. His love language is "receiving gifts." So I thought I'd do something special for him this year.
I've purchased everything except the massage gift certificate. The pink indicates days I'll treat him to breakfast or dinner. I'm giving him a variety of items, from his favorite raspberry ginger ale to a Capt. American Build a Bear, to lotion from Bath and Body Works. Plus several gift cards and his
I also can't forget my wonderful students. Can I just say that I am loving this group! 20 of the 23 made Honor Roll the 1st Quarter and their parents are very supportive and generous. Anytime I need anything for my class they are on it and send it in right away.

I got the Snoopy tote bags and pencils are from the Target $1 Spot, the books are from Scholastic, they were $1 each, they also threw in free reading posters for each child. I got the Scentos Bubbles from Michael's. They were $1 but they were a little bit cheaper because I had a coupon and my teacher ID for a discount.

What are you "giving" this holiday season?