Saturday, November 28, 2015

Top Secret Snow Day Missions

Yup... this teacher here is planning on a BUNCH of snow days this year! Back in January I blogged about the Snow Day Missions I was going to send home with each child. This year I decided to switch it up.
Snow Day Missions
I've decided that I wouldn't copy all those activities from last year and send them home. I uploaded them to my classroom website instead. Parents have the option of printing them out or asking me for a hard copy. I did save all the unfinished snow work from last year so I have quite a few hard copies of several of the activities.
Just like last year I'll glue the cover (pictured on the left) on a large manila envelope. I'll also include the menu (pictured on the right) with all the various activities.  
Snow Day Mission Menu
I did include the Build a Ski Resort PBL Unit, I copied and stapled it and included it in every packet. That activity is mandatory. I have fallen in love with the Project Based Learning Units from this Digital Divide and Conquer and my students enjoy them as well. I figured this would be a great way for them to complete one at home this winter with their parents. I'll have to blog about those amazing units in another post.  

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