Friday, February 3, 2017

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My third graders are moving towards the end of our multiplication unit. I wanted to share a snapshot of our multiplication is taught in my district. As per our state standards, students learn multiplication facts in third grade. We spend a couple weeks engaging in conceptual activities and talk about what multiplication really means.

Our district suggests we teach multiplication in this sequence with the following strategies:
*Zero Property of Multiplication
*Identity Property of Multiplication
*2's Facts- double the other factor
*10's Facts- add 0 to the other factor
*5's Facts- count by 5's
*9's Facts- find a pattern in the products
*11's Facts- find a pattern in the products
*4's Facts- double, double the other factor
*8's Facts- double, double, double the other factor
*3's Facts- think two's facts, add one more set 
*6's Facts- think three's facts, double that product
*7's Facts- think sixes' facts, add one more set

I teach multiplication facts on a three day rotation.
Day 1- on day one I create an anchor chart with the strategy and examples on how to use it, students then complete the corresponding page from Multiplication Activities as independent practice. 

Day 2- on day two students partner up and play a multiplication dice game. These games can be found in the Math Folder at the Teaching Oasis

Day 3- on day three students take a quiz on the facts, the quiz also assesses students using the inverse operation and correlating their knowledge of multiplication to division. These quizzes can also be found in the Math Folder at the Teaching Oasis
Students who score 79% and below receive their quiz back with the above note. Students may retake the quiz when they're ready. Students who score 80% and above, earn a Multiplication Master SMART (Brag) Tag for the fact.
For extra practice opportunities, I created a booklet with the following two products. Some days I allot 15 or 20 minutes for them to work in the booklet, other days they work in it when they have time.
Multiplication Search
Spin and Multiply 
 What are your favorite resources to teach multiplication?

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